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This is an infobox template for non-virtual games, i.e. card games, dice games, PnP etc.

Note:Most elements are taken from the Wikipedia infobox template.


  • editeur: The manufacturer(s) of the game.
  • auteur: The designer(s) of the game.
  • illustrateur: The illustrator(s) of the game artwork.
  • distributeur: The publisher(s) of the game.
  • date: The publication date of the game. Format: yyyy-mm-dd
  • genre: The game genre(s). It may be: "board game", "dice game", "paper-and-pencil game", "hand game", etc.
  • langage: The available language(s) of the game.
  • joueurs: The number of players.
  • age: The age range for the game.
  • prep: The time it takes to set up the game.
  • duree: The time it takes to play the game.
  • competences: The skills required to play the game.
  • media: The media type of the game.
  • web: The official website address of the game.
  • autre: miscellaneous
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