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"Le messager"
Vernon Roche
Chapitre III
Loc Muinne
250 XP
Lys et vipères

Le Messager est une quête du Chapitre III de The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Elle a été ajoutée dans la version Enhanced Edition et est disponible si Geralt a suivi Vernon Roche et que Kimbolt n'a été dénoncé à Jan Natalis auparavant, durant la quête Lys et vipères.

Cette quête est proposée par le Baron Kimbolt à la fin de Lys et vipères. La mission est d'intercepter un message du Comte Maravel à destination de la délégation Nilgardienne en Loc Muinne. Ce message serait la preuve que le Comte Maravel serait en étroite collaboration avec Nilfgaard et donc serait, par conséquent, un traître à Témérie.


Once you can start following your target no matter how sneaky you are, the messenger and his bodyguards will notice you behind them. After that discovery you have to fight his two henchmen and past them a squad of Nilfgardians. After these small battles you face the messenger himself, who is a mage.

The fight itself isn't too hard but you need to figure out how to damage your opponent. The mage attacks you only by summoning fireballs from above. Luckily, these can be easily evaded because you can see where the spell will hit by notifications on the ground. The tricky part is the mage instantly teleports away if you approach him. What you have to do is learn his teleport spots in the arena (there are 4 of them and he picks them in particular order) and place Yrden sign on his next position . Then when you approach him, he will get trapped, giving you chance to harm him.

There is a case where Gargoyles appear with the mage and make this match more difficult. The gargoyles appear while the mage is talking and start attacking before the player has a chance to defend. It is not detemined yet if this has to do with not completing the Gargoyle contract before taking on the Messenger.

You can loot the messenger's dead body for the Correspondance du comte Maravel, in which you find out Maravel's innocence or guilt.

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