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Hurzivelt Dran Pozan
Hurzivelt Dran Pozan
(V.O. : Black Heart)

Rivia, Royaume de Rivia
Flag Rivia modern.svg Rivienne

Hurzivelt Dran Pozan est un noble originaire de Rivia.

Hurzivelt Dran Pozan dans The Witcher[]

Dans The Witcher, le jeu de rôle officiel[]


Dressed in shades of gray cotton and wool, face hidden by a black katakan mask, a man sits at a table alone, set back from the other Katakans and contestants. He seems focused on a stack of Gwent cards before him, organizing them over and over. Whenever he does chance a glance up, his eyes are hard, irises a stern amber set in a glare that causes servants to look away, suddenly finding interest in their shoes. His ears are drawn up into slight points, peeking out from the long locks of his black hair, pulled into a loose bun and pierced through with one long silver hairpin. He takes a long drink of his wine before returning to his cards once more, organizing and shuffling them in a steady, methodical manner.
Black Heart is a half-elf man from Rivia whose true name is Hurzivelt Dran Pozan, an upper-class member of society, his parents having inherited fortune on his mother’s side and his father having founded a successful brewery. Black Heart’s mother was a human, his father an elf and he their only child. He enjoys card games, specifically the most popular game on the Continent, Gwent, and is reserved, a man who will not use many words where one or two will do.


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