Harald de Kaer Karreg

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Harald is around 6'6" in height, with the very aspect of a warrior. His frame is big, burly and well muscled, though he also has an ample belly from too much good living. His hair is black and wayward. His beard is streaked with grey, and combed long, with two braids in it, one from each cheek. His nose is fairly broad and broken, and his eyes sunken beneath heavy eyebrows. His eyes are a piercing


Harald is the local Jarl of Kaer Karreg. Though in his early fifties, Harald is a tough and brave, a hero after he slew a great monster many years ago. When Harald was young, his pregnant wife Morganna was attacked by a monster. Though she survived, the monster pierced her belly, and there was great worry about her unborn child. Harald swore to avenge himself on the monster, and set out to kill it, but in his first encounter, the monster surprised him and left him for dead. The gnomish alchemist Shiltzen found him there, and agreed to cure him and help him slay the beast, in return for Harald's firstborn. With no other choice, Harald agreed.

Together, Harald and Shiltzen killed the monster, and Harald returned home a hero. Not long after, Morganna gave birth; to twins. The first child, Astrid, was fit and healthy, but the second, Hafnir was truly monstrous in appearance. When Harald saw his son, he realised that he would lose both his babies; for it was the custom of the land to leave deformed babies out on the hills to die. Instead, Harald gave Hafnir to Shiltzen, knowing that Shiltzen would have to leave Hafnir on the hills himself. This way, he kept Astrid. Several years later, Morganna gave birth to another son; Sven, but the birth went badly and Morganna died. Harald eventually remarried to Gisla and had another son by her.

Peace reigned over the island for many years, until a spate of killings and attacks by monsters began on the villages. Rumours of a great beast drove away what little trade the island attracts, and unable to find the monster, Harald sent to the mainland to find a Witcher. Harald himself is becoming certain this is the work of Shiltzen, that the priest has used his powers to discover Harald's subterfuge and bring an evil beast into the area that is preying on the people. Harald is unable to find Shiltzen, so he begins to persecute the non-humans, to punish them.