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Le Grand Soleil[N 1] (Ard Feainn en Nilfgaardien) semble être la principale religion de l'Empire de Nilfgaard.

Sous la plume de Sapkowski[]

— Que le Grand Soleil garde sous son aile Votre Impériale…
Le Temps du Mépris, Chapitre ?.

— À vos bannières, répéta-t-il. Que le Grand Soleil illumine votre gloire.
La Dame du Lac, Chapitre ?.

Grand Soleil dans les adaptations[]

Dans The Witcher, le jeu de rôle officiel[]

There is only one official religion in Nilfgaard and the provinces. Other religions are often tolerated, but the Religion of the Great Sun ties the Emperor to nature and thus to the people. It is a very, very old religion. Long ago the people believed the Emperor was the Sun incarnate. Backward villages still believe that he is an intermediary between the people and the forces of nature, and make sacrifices (not humans) to the Sun at the solstices and equinoxes. During the Winter Solstice, families come together at home and recite the Winter Prayer, asking the Sun to return and make their lives and harvests abundant. They attend a service where their holiday foods, based on the winter crops, can be blessed. In some places, babies born since the last winter are blessed by the priests as well. In the beautiful Church of the Great Sun in Nilfgaard’s capital the Emperor may even give the sermon and take part in the blessings. In the cities of Nilfgaard close to the center of the Empire, the tax collectors of the Nilfgaardian Treasury Department go house to house distributing oranges and large sun-shaped sweet cakes to symbolize the blessings of the Emperor and the Sun, and the promise of plenty in the coming year. It is the one day of the year when people are happy to see the tax man. In many places throughout the Empire, the Church of the Great Sun is that “sweet” that balances the sometimes “bitter” of the Imperial Will. Missionaries have been sent to the North as well, to preach the virtues of family, working on the land, loyalty to the Emperor, and the responsibility of nobles to care for their land and the people on it.

Notes et références[]


  1. Le Grand Soleil est probablement inspiré du Sol Invictus de l'Empire romain.