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Gisla is a big women, nearly 6' tall, and with heavy bones and some extra meat on them. Next to Harald, she does not look small, unlike many others. Her hair is golden blonde, usually plaited, and her biggest joy. When free, it hangs almost to her waist. Her face is rosy, big cheeked, and full of good cheer. Her eyes are blue, and her teeth also uncommonly good. In her youth, Gisla was considered a rare beauty, though now she is in her late thirties and has broadened out more, particularly after the birth of her son Ragnar.

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Gisla is Harald's second wife. It is Gisla's ambition to see her son Ragnar become the Lord of Kaer Karreg, but it is clear that Harald will not put Ragnar before his older son Sven. Gisla was also Morganna's midwife, so she knows the secret that Hafnir was sent to his death at birth, instead of Astrid. She began an affair with Harald prior to Morganna's death, and seeing her opportunity to replace Morganna, she poisoned Morganna, inducing an early birth of her next child. Morganna died, but her son Sven survived.