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Dormyn de Gemmera est un magicien.

Dormyn de Gemmera dans The Witcher[]

Dans The Witcher, le jeu de rôle officiel[]


“I must admit to a personal interest in Dormyn, as I’ve been an admirer of his craft since I was a girl. Indeed, one of his workings, Dormyn’s Chamber, was instrumental in my surviving long enough to write this. Nonetheless, I shall attempt to keep to the facts. Gemmera breeds tough citizens who did not respond well to the Empire’s advances when they were slated for conquest. When the armies swept in, the inhabitants resisted, and in resisting they were all but wiped out. A victory of sorts, I suppose.
Dormyn aided the resistance; a thoroughgoing battle mage, with the personality of an avalanche. He methodically flattened waves sent against his forces and those he did not lay low with magic he battered into submission with his staff or simply cut down with his sword while they looked on in surprise. Unfortunately, one man, no matter how powerful, cannot stop an army. As Gemmera fell, Dormyn left rather than be enslaved.
Some years later, rumors emerged of a powerful, solitary mage living in the Tir Torchair mountains. An expedition left, and the survivors reported that the intelligence was correct; that Dormyn had found a home among the gnomes and that he considered himself retired. The scouts heartily concurred with this assessment and the decision was taken to leave him be as long as he did not act against the Empire.
It’s said one should never meet a hero but despite this, I undertook the trek to the Tir Torchair where he maintains a stronghold carved from a network of limestone caves. Dormyn was no disappointment; I believe him to be constructed of leather over stone, with a bushy beard and eyes that brook no nonsense. He listened to my babbled praise and then offered me tea.”

—Glynnis var Treharne


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